Creating a clean slate before you list your home is vital. Potential buyers need to imagine themselves creating memories in a new home. My favorite step for preparing a home before it hits the market is staging. This allows a space to be totally transformed. The before and after photos on a stage project speak for themselves. I offer complimentary staging to all of my real estate clients. It is proven to reduce the number of days a home is on the market. In 2020 over 95% of the homes I listed were sold within 48 hours. 

Here are some examples of spaces I have staged. Bonus here are my top 5 tips for staging your home to hit the market. 

1.  Create an inviting porch. As soon as a potential buyer enters your home they are getting their first set of eyes on the porch. Make sure this area is clutter-free. Fresh paint on the door is a must. Playing in the seasons is always a great choice too. For the fall purchase a few pumpkins to add some festive flair. 

2.     Clear all of the clutter. Having a clutter-free home allows each room the opportunity to be as spacious as possible. The clutter is distracting. Many of the little features of a home can be hidden behind junk. 

3.     Get your house so fresh and so clean. When you are in your own home is one thing. But when people tour a new home they instantly spy all the dirt and dust. Take time to make sure each room is clean. I mean who does not like walking into a clean home?

4.     Styling your shelves adds a pop to your home. To stage these areas I prefer to always use some greens, wood, and white. These various textures make the shelves eye-catching. While the simple colors bring in a uniformed system. 

5.     Maximize outdoor space. This area must not be forgotten. Create a staged seating area. Potential buyers and daydreams of enjoying coffee in the mornings. While ending their day with wine in the evenings.